Bullying is not just a school yard problem.  Nor is it “just a normal part of growing up.”  Bullying behaviors are present in every school and in every community.  All people, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status are hurt by this problem.

STATISTICS:  Bullying behaviors are a subset of violent behaviors.  The reported rates of bullying and violence in American schools is horrific.  The statistics establish that bullying is at pandemic levels.  When reading the statistics, understand that these are not limited to schools in a “bad” neighborhood.  It is all neighborhoods, all communities, hurting all human beings.   To see detailed statistics, see our Bullying Statistics page.

IMPACT: Bullying isn’t just about the victim.  All parties to bullying behavior are hurt by bullying behavior.  Victims, bullies, student bystanders, and the community are all harmed by bullying.

  • Bullying is a direct cause of fear, inability to focus, insomnia, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and all too often suicide.
  • Those that bully have a higher likelihood of being convicted of a crime than those that do not.   Schools, police, and our justice system are all wrought with the crime that bullying behavior leads to.
  • Bullies and victims are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol earlier and more often than those not affected by the problem.
  • Bullying contributes to the cycle of violence.  Bullying behavior is learned and repeated.  Bullying experienced in school is carried into the home, as is the reverse.
  • Bullying doesn’t stop when students graduate.  This behavior joins the workforce with them.  Corporate America pays the cost, with a higher rate of turnover and expensive lawsuits.

To learn more about how bullying impacts you, and those around you, see our Impact page.

ECONOMIC COST:  The cost to address the symptoms caused by the bullying epidemic is enormous.  Increased mental health problems lead to health care costs.  Increased crime leads to higher costs through all aspects of the justice system.  Higher drug and alcohol use leads to more treatment programs.  The taxpayers bear the burden of bullying behaviors.   See our Economic Costs page for detailed information.

Clique In is dedicated to helping all students attend school in a safe environment where they can flourish academically, socially and emotionally.

“It does not require much imagination to understand what it is to go through the school years in a state of more or less permanent anxiety and insecurity and with poor self-esteem.  It is not surprising that the victims’ devaluation of themselves sometimes becomes so overwhelming that they see suicide as the only possible solution.” Dr. Dan Olweus, Bullying Prevention Pioneer