Clique In is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization that helps schools by providing them with the tools to actively motivate, monitor and motivate positive behaviors needed to prevent violence and bullying. We also help identify those students that are not demonstrating positive behaviors so that they can get help BEFORE they become violent.

There were over 1 million acts of #violence reported in our #schools (that does even include the number of bullying issues such as spitting, tripping, property damage, and emotional abuse). Of these acts – over 600,000 were acts of aggravated assault, homicide, rape, and armed robbery.  The real numbers are actually higher – because the schools legal reporting requirements limit what they are required to report.

This occurs in EVERY school across the United States. This creates a toxic environment for our youth. They will either turn that poison inward which creates mental health problems, or turn it outward and harm themselves and others through such things as criminal activity, increased drug and alcohol abuse and violence.

We have all seen cases in the news of unspeakable violence committed by young people who slipped through the cracks and did not receive help before it was too late. Please help us give schools the tools they need to to stop the violence before it starts.
Please help Clique In help schools prevent violence.