New Jersey has one of the strictest anti-bullying requirements among all of the states.  Now in it’s second year of implementation, the

Anti-Bullying Task Force released it’s recommendations for code revisions to improve effectiveness in implementation for all parties involved:

Among these recommended code revisions are:

  • the inclusion of the concept of a “power differential” in the definition of bullying as a method of distinguishing the motivating characteristics of the aggressor,

  • the establishment of minimum criteria that must be met for the principal to initiate an investigation through the Anti-Bullying Specialist,

  • the development of time limits for parents/guardians to request a hearing before the Board of Education related to an HIB incident,

  • clarification that adult-on-student behavior is covered by the ABR,

  • clarification that a confidential disciplinary file is a “mandated student record”, and

  • a re-naming of the School Safety Team to the “School Safety/Climate Team,” to better reflect its critical role to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate.

To read the full report click here: Report Anti-Bullying Task Force