NFL Coach Vows To Have Better Workplace

Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin guaranteed Thursday that the team will have a better workplace environment in 2014. He spoke publicly for the first time since the Incognito scandal. To read what he had to say, click the article below:   Do you think this will actually happen? Do you think he will keep … Continue Reading


ADHD and Bullying: How to help your child

According to emerging research, there is a direct connection between having ADHD and bullying.  Citing issues such as clumsiness and boundary issues, children with ADHD have a higher rate of being targeted by bullies than those without it.  To learn more about the connection between ADHD and bullying and how to help a child with … Continue Reading


ADHD and Bullying

ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that affects about 5 percent to 9 percent of children. Behaviors that are commonly observed include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.  These behaviors can also put them at risk to be bullied.  To learn more information about this topic, click the link below:   How would you address this issue? Comment … Continue Reading


Task Force Recommends Changes to NJ’s Anti-Bullying Legislation

New Jersey has one of the strictest anti-bullying requirements among all of the states.  Now in it’s second year of implementation, the Anti-Bullying Task Force released it’s recommendations for code revisions to improve effectiveness in implementation for all parties involved: Among these recommended code revisions are: the inclusion of the concept of a “power differential” … Continue Reading

Anti-Bullying Laws

State Laws about Bullying and Harrassment


49 of 50 states have enacted legislation to address bullying.   To  review the status of each state law click    


Clique In and the Boys & Girls Club of Camden County


CLIQUE IN IS EXCITED ABOUT HELPING THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF CAMDEN COUNTY PREVENT VIOLENCE AND BULLYING! Boys & Girls Clubs are opened in communities where children are most in need, and they offer them a chance to achieve academic success and learn to become good citizens of the world who lead healthy and … Continue Reading

Prize Winners

Clique In in Jersey Man Magazine


Ken Dunek, Former Eagle turned Publisher, has created Jersey Man Magazine geared toward elite businessmen in the community.   Ken covers what matters to men in New Jersey – and preventing bullying and violence matters.  Jersey Man writer Nicole Pensiero wrote about Clique In and our journey toward providing schools real solutions needed to reform bullying … Continue Reading

Stop the Violence



Clique In is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization that helps schools by providing them with the tools to actively motivate, monitor and motivate positive behaviors needed to prevent violence and bullying. We also help identify those students that are not demonstrating positive behaviors so that they can get help BEFORE they become violent. There were … Continue Reading


Clique In Successfully Demonstrates Our Method


Bullying in our schools is at pandemic levels. Children are bullied in every school across  America, no matter their race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic background.  Bullying behavior contributes to the cycle of violence at home, with bullies and victims perpetrating higher rates of domestic and child abuse.[1] Bullying behavior is also correlated with … Continue Reading

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